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Any decent online marketing company should be able to build a website that works, but it takes a dedicated mind and a practiced hand to make this site continue to work in the future. Web Marketing Smart wants your business’s web presence to grow and thrive, evolving and learning like a living, breathing creature. To do this, we utilize a two-pronged approach that measures both the quantifiable and qualifiable assessments of the effectiveness of your business.

Quantitative data comes in the form of specially measured statistics on who is visiting your website and where they are coming from. If people are most interested in a particular page on your site, we can work to make this page stand out more. If people frequently come across your site while conducting a search for a certain term, we can cater to these searches. Every hit you get is another lesson learned that can contribute to the betterment of your business in the future.

Qualitative data represents what people are saying about your website or your company. We gather this information by collecting the public reviews that you receive on sites like Yelp, Google+ Review, Zagat, Facebook, and so on. This gives us a clearer picture of what people are responding to, and what might need to change to appeal to a broader customer base.

Taking all this data together, we can continuously develop your marketing strategy and optimize your web presence. It’s here that we return to the “Get Found” stage of your marketing process so as to attract even more potential clients, and begin the cycle anew. To your business, this all adds up to a bigger market share and greater revenues within the ever-changing, ever-evolving world of the internet.

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