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Why Should I have a Mobile Web Presence?

The mobile internet market is a rapidly increasing field. Statistics show that most mobile phones in the US are smartphones, and the numbers are continuing to rise. This means that an increasing percentage of internet traffic is coming from mobile sources, and an increasing number of purchases are being conducted on mobile devices.

The Advantages of Mobile Website Design

When you have mobile-friendly web pages, your website will automatically detect when a mobile device is accessing your site and display the pages that have been optimized for a small screen. This offers the following advantages to you and your users:

Ease of Use

When a mobile device tries to access a conventional web page, the user needs to zoom in and out to find core information. This can be cumbersome and disorienting.

Faster Load Times

Mobile devices often suffer from longer load times compared to conventional computers. A mobile-friendly page is designed to be smaller and require less of a load time.

Stronger Demographic Data

Mobile devices have a tendency to know where you are and what you are doing. This information can be made available to the websites that they visit, which allows you to connect with the people who may be looking for your kind of business in your immediate area.

Cheaper Than Apps

Apps are frequently promoted as an alternative to a mobile-friendly website. However, creating apps for your website instead of mobile pages is less efficient, as different versions of each app need to be made for each operating system. Meanwhile, you’ve got to consider how many people would really care to install your app on their device. Unless you’ve got some significant networking function, you’re very probably better off with a mobile site.

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